Hit & Run Accidents – New Litigation Costs

We haveWe have all seen that hit and run accidents are on the rise in 2017 and beyond.

This has been attributed to an increase in distracted driving. Many people are constantly on their cell phone, even when they are driving.

At every stop light people check their Instagram, Facebook, and dating Apps. Hear what one hit and run accident lawyer had to say about it.

We have also provided a bit of the video transcript below:

Streamed live on Sep 21, 2017
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Hit and Run Accident: An accident where the driver who caused the accident leaves the scene of the accident without stopping.

Steps to Take:

1) Report it to the Police – Make the report as soon as possible, but certainly within 30 days

2) Contact your insurance company and check to see if you have uninsured coverage

Other accidents that are covered by your uninsured insurance coverage:

· An object flies off another vehicle and causes the accident

· Your car is forced off the road by another car causing a crash all seen an increase in hit and run accidents.

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