Best Business Attorney Advice


Tommy Holmes is an attorney in Texas who reminds you that you should never start a business venture without the counsel of a licensed attorney who focuses on business law issues.

When you start your business, you will have to decide…

  1. What kind of business entity to form (LLC, corporation, general partnership, limited partnership, S-corp., C-corp, etc)
  2. Whether to get it formed by an attorney or fly by night internet legal company
  3. What State to form your business in

And the list of considerations can go on for days.

Here’s a quick excerpt from the Houston Business Lawyer video

Do you need a Houston Small Business Lawyer or a Houston Small Business Formation Lawyer. The Houston Business Attorneys at Holmes Law, PLLC handle all Texas Business Law Matters for large companies, growing companies, and small businesses.

If you take a quick visit to the Holmes Law Website, or view them on Tumblr, then you can learn more about the best Texas Business Practices.


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