How important is law school for your legal career?

When it comes to having a successful career, it is all about experience and knowledge. Many of you loved our previous article where this Houston criminal defense lawyer reviews various law schools.

Experience is achieved by time but the later must be found from the earlier stages of your career. There are mainly two ways in which to get some legal knowledge, you may opt to be part of a practice or attend law school. In some cases, both options will act perfectly. In order to choose a specific method of learning it is important to research deeply on what both methods entail. This means learning the advantages and disadvantages of both methods. Some of the main importance of attending law school include;

Changes your mentality

“Once you opt to attend a law school you gain the advantage of being able to think like a lawyer,” says this Galveston DWI Lawyer. This is the main foundation of the career. You get to learn how to visualize the case and handle it. You view the case in the opponents and judge’s eyes. This provides an added advantage and creates a great lawyer.


As opposed to the other methods of gaining legal knowledge, law schools allows the student to get exposure to a variety of legal areas. Some law firms tend to be specific to certain types of cases, this means that their interns will not be able to be exposed to other areas in the law field. With this exposure the lawyer gets the benefit of being able to handle any case.

Broad perspectives

“With the proper educator and lesson plans, the student gets a chance to view cases in broad perspectives. This allows them to know how to analyse the case in different methods. With this, the lawyer or judge, will be able to have a better view and fully understand the case.” –HoustonTruckAccidentLawyer.ORG

These are just some of the main advantages associated with law schools. Depending on the educators and school chosen, law school will always boost the lawyer’s career.

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3 of the most famous law blogs from Texas

For those, who want or to or are already in the law career, it is important to ensure that you are always updated on some of the latest developments in the industry. Knowledge on current news and changes is highly important for lawyers. It allows them to better understand some of the changes in the legal industry to give them an advantage when in court. The best way to do this is by reading and following law blogs. There are various blogs available online written by both experienced and inexperienced lawyers. Always ensure that you read a blog that regards you current location. For those in Texas, some of the most famous blogs to follow include;

There are various blogs available online written by both experienced and inexperienced lawyers. Always ensure that you read a blog that regards you current location. For those in Texas, some of the most famous blogs to follow include;

1. Texas bar


There are several blogs available on the site written by various individuals. The blogs on the site mainly deal with some of the lawyers and legal professionals in Texas. This blog is perfect for all individuals who have an interest in the field. In order to view the site you only have to visit

2. Texas appellate law


This is a more comprehensive blog site that gets into detail on the current happenings in the law industry of Texas. It helps the readers and interested parties to have an insight on all the current civil appeals and litigation. By clicking, you will be able to read some interesting law materials in Texas.

3. Cordell


This blog is mainly for students or those that want to get some information on lawyers. The site mainly has blogs that address some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to law. It is a great place to get some simple information on law. It is available on

These are some of the main famous law blogs in Texas. Once you visit the sites you will be amazed with the content provided.

4. DWI Lawyer Blogmania

There are also some law blogs (blawgs) like this one that focus exclusively on one topic. Many of the best blawgs are DWI lawyer blogs because there is just so much controversial material to pull from.

5 things to consider before choosing a divorce lawyer

Choosing a divorce lawyer should not be taken with the same level of intensity as when choosing other lawyers. The main reason behind this being that you will end up creating a close relationship with the lawyer and end up spending a lot of time together. Going through a divorce is a process that takes a lot of time and hectic. This is why it is important to have an excellent lawyer by your side. There are some simple factors that you may opt to take into consideration to help you choose a lawyer. Some of these factors include;

Video by Hannah Bell, Austin Lawyer

How Do I know When It’s Time To Get Divorced? Hannah Bell, Family Lawyer from Hannah Bell on Vimeo.

1. Experience

Just like in any other field, experience is highly important. An experienced lawyer increases the chances of winning the case. Choose a lawyer that has been able to win several of his cases. Ensure that you check the lawyer’s credential and qualifications.

2. Affordability

Most people make a mistake of choosing a lawyer that is highly expensive only to lose the case. Choose your lawyer in in accordance to your financial status. In some cases, the lawyer might ask for extra money in the case that you win the case. This is why you need to clearly read the contract.

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3. Professionalism

The legal field is all about professionalism. The reason behind this is that you tend to open up to your lawyer in order to win the case. He or she should be able to know how and when to use this information to your advantage. Always ensure that you take this factor into consideration before choosing your lawyer.

4. Availability

It is important to take note that most lawyers tend to handle more than one case at a time. This means that he might not end up placing all of his effort towards your case. This is why it is important to opt for a lawyer that has little or no cases to handle.

5. Comfort ability

Choose a lawyer that you feel comfortable spending time and sharing your information with.

These are the main five points that you should consider when choosing a divorce lawyer. Research is highly important when choosing any type of lawyer let alone a divorce lawyer.

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